Paioli in sport

Actively taking part in sports competitions, at the highest level, is the easiest and most direct system for testing every new constructional and technological solution.
Paiolo front suspensions, used by the most important Firms participating in the World Trials Championship, have been number one regularly for many years. Proof of absolute superiority, as seen in the table given below, which prerepresents a situation of substantial sports monopoly.

Recent was entry in the cross/enduro segment: 1994 saw the start of tests with the 46mm RSU fork, which went into production the following year; and also '95 saw the start of tests with the RSU 51, which went into production in '97, whereas production of the 43 mm Upside-down fork started in 1996.
Immediately lined up for the race was the 46 mm fork (in RSU or Upside-down version, depending on the personal preferences of each rider) which offered big satisfaction straight away: Paioli Upside-down forkhas beeni Enduro 125 World champion, with Michalik riding TM, in 98/99.

Stop press year 2000: Paioli steps into the far-out world of speed. After achieving significant results in Super Sport competitions, and taking part in its first 24-hour event, the company is acquiring more and more of the necessary experience to get results on asphalt too.
Thanks to Bimota and our company's inexhaustible desire to increase its professionalism, we will be acquiring Super Bike experience in the first season of the new millennium.
Competitions are particularly helpful for Paioli, as they ensure an on-going improvement in quality for 2-wheeler manufacturers.

World Trial Championship
Titles achieved with with Paioli Meccanica forks
1989 Jordi Tarres Beta
1990 Jordi Tarres Beta
1991 Jordi Tarres Beta
1993 Jordi Tarres Gas Gas
1994 Jordi Tarres Gas Gas
1996 Marc Colomer Montesa Honda
1997 Dougie Lampkin Beta
1998 Dougie Lampkin Beta
1999 Dougie Lampkin Beta

Road and Off-road

Paioli Meccanica firmy believes in the need to test and develop in competition each new technical solution, before it goes into standard production. For this reason, starting from the 1998 season, the firm officially cooperates with several riders and/or teams, and is always present on racing fields thanks also to the patnership with Poletti: wich can grant the best assistance (+39 0542 673827).

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