RSU 51 - Blue Steel

World Champion 98
Enduro 125
Cross & Enduro

The entire range proposed in these two segments includes forks available in the Enduro and Cross versions, in numerous diameters and in the "traditional" variants (with cast or composite legs) and Upside-down.
The tradtional fork is available in diameters 38, 41, 43, 46 and 51. There is also the Upside-down in diameter 43 and 46.

Top of the range

The most interesting fork is without doubt the 46 diameter Upside-down. Compression and rebound adjustable externally on both stems, cartridges with 30 mm pistons, springs in special steel, inner parts developed in close cooperation with the R&D departments of supplies situated all over the globe. A reference competition fork for the entire world production.
Just as important are the RSU Blue Steel, presented in diameters 46 and 51.
The traditional Blue Steel 46 is fitted as standard equipment on the Yamaha 600 R '98 and by all the TM models.
The Upside-down cross version is used by all the TM production in this segment. The RSU 51 has been chosen by Vertemati for all the cross models.
Designed for competition use, it features composite legs, compression and rebound adjustable externally on both stems, spring preload adjustment and new inner cartridges with 30 mm pistons.

Mini Cross

This is a fast-growing segment in the United States, and now even in Europe there are interesting signs of big movement.
The Paioli range for mini cross is absolutely complete, with variants in mechanical or hydraulic version, available in diameters 28, 30, 32 and 33.

Top of the range

The most interesting model, designed for 60 cc motorcycles, is the brand-new 36 diameter RSU composite fork, closely derived from that of competition scooter.
Inserted axle-bracket, extruded sleeve and cartridge hydraulics make it the only fork actually on sale equipped with every possible outer adjustment.

KTM - Minicross family

Tradizionale 46 casted
TT600R Yamaha
TM Enduro
ATK Enduro

RSU 36 Mini cross competition

Spring preload and rebound adjustement

RSU 46 Blue steel

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