Research and development

The Paioli Meccanica company policy comprises several essential aspects:
- consolidation of commercial and technical positions already gained;
- constant industrial and technological research;
- research and production of leading-edge products;
- extreme production flexibility.

A long, complex and demanding path followed with determination by the Firm and from which highly important industrial results are expected.

Paioli Meccanica commits growing resources to the work of continuous product refinement and development, in the firm belief that a truly "personalized partnership' with customers is needed, by proposing constructive solutions that optimize costs and that are really effective.

The Research and Development Centre is destined to carry out an increasingly more important role, with the aim of achieving basic targets such as still better levels of knowledge and use of materials, better construction qualities, total efficient operation, technological innovation, lasting reliability, ever more up-to-date stylist solutions intended to guarantee customers an absolutely regular level of quality.

Standard equipment

Paioli Meccanica stands out in the market of standard equipment for flexible design, very short design times and prompt start of production for each new product.
All these features guarantee Paioli Meccanica the possibility of always acquiring new and important Customers who use its products as standard equipment.

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