RSU 36
off road competition

RSU 32
road competition


Paioli Meccanica production stands out in this particular segment for its telehydraulic forks and for the top-of-the-range models with extruded aluminium outer tube, and gripper attachment in hot-forged aluminium.
In order to address the types of problems related to these forks, connected to the frame with just one steering crosspiece, Paioli Meccanica realized one of Europe's most advanced stress testing machines, where a range of load and speed conditions can be simulated in a great variety of ways.
In this segment Paioli Meccanica clearly stands out on the market for very short design times, for the time-proven habit of carying out stylistic studies in close cooperation with the scooter manufacturers, for ability to produce and deliver 'just in time', with assembly of up to 1,000 forks a day available from a catalogue of 25, and delivered in 7 days.
Paioli Meccanica is on the market with a very wide range, in traditional and Upside-down versions, in diameters 22, 26, 28, 30, 32 and 36.

Top of the range

The most interesting fork from a technical standpoint and with particularly striking looks is the new 36 Competition.
In fact it is the only scooter fork built according to the RSU layout and therefore equipped with screw-on axle-bracket, outer tube in extruded aluminium and lapped internally, anodized aluminium oil seal bushing seat, sliding on DU bushings.
The inner tubes are 36 mm and provide great rigidity to the assembly while at the same time enable the insertion of aluminium cartridges fully obtained by machining, with inner pistons that guarantee a real possibility of exploiting the inside adjustments.


Traditional 33

Traditional 30

Traditional 36
Tradizionale 33 Peugeot 125
Tradizional 36
Tradizionale 33 Malaguti 125
Tradizional 36


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