RSU 51 Bimota

RSU 46
Adaptable to Harley Davidson
Road, Custom & Superbike

In this segment, Paioli Meccanica production stands out for the use of the so-called "cartridge" for controlling shock-absorption.
In fact, thanks to the use of very wide inner tube diameters (Paioli Meccanica is the only firm in Europe that can have the 39 NiCrMo steel tube drawn and ground to an outer diameter of 51 mm, for the standard production and competition forks), a genuine sealed and disassemblable shock-absorber (i.e. the "cartridge") can be fitted inside, which enables intervention on the inner lamellar units, best adapting the suspension to the needs of the rider in competition.

Inside the cartridge is a piston which is rebound and compression adjustable from the outside by means of special "pins". In order to have greater movement of oil and hence the finest possible adjustment, Paioli Meccanica manages to use diameter 30 mm pistons and 12 mm. pumping rods in the 46 and 51 mm forks.
Paioli Meccanica's offer in this segment is definitely wide. The list of models is in fact made up of forks in diameters 28, 30, 32, 33, 35 and 36 (intended for models of engine capacity up to 125 cc), together with diameters 38, 41, 43, 46 and 51 for motorcycles of bigger capacities. They are all in traditional and "composite" versions (i.e. with axle-bracket forged or machined, sleeve obtained by extrusion, floating oil seal bushing seats).
In addition to this very full list are a 41 Upside-down and the brand-new 46 Upside-down Competition.

Each of these models also comes in a specific custom version: the diameters are the same, but the technical characteristics are completely different, above all, to adapt to the different conformation of these motorcycles which in any case demand maximum possible stem slide, despite the marked steering shaft angle.

Top of the range

In this product group, the top of the range fork is the 51 diameter RSU with electronic adjustment. In fact, this is a definite development with respect to the adjustment systems used to date, which allows the rider to use a fork that guarantees excellent behaviour according to the road surface. A set of sensors fitted on the motorcycle records the data relative to the throttle position, injector operation, motorcycle lean, acceleration, braking and speed.
The data detected are conveyed to several actuators fitted on the fork which intervene electronically on the rebound, compression and spring preload adjustments to facilitate riding and making it definitely safer.

USD 41 - Laverda

RSU 46
Adaptable to Ducati Monster

RSU 43
Adaptable to Yamaha Trx

RSU 46
Yamaha V-Max

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